About Us

With more and more truck and car wrecks being reported all over the United States, and especially in certain parts of Texas – such as Austin, Dallas or the southern part of the state, including Houston – the demand for reliable car and truck accident lawyers and law firms has grown considerably.

Here, you can find a helping hand when in need. Specializing in providing legal advice and support to those involved in car and truck accidents throughout the state of Texas, we have achieved a strong reputation in the area, our reputable attorneys having won numerous personal injury cases throughout their long lasting experience, and our firm’s services being recognized among the best in the state, as well as the entire country.

We belong to a number of nationally renowned groups, which provide us with additional support, advice and information sources geared to help with our attorneys’ preparation for various trials and cases.

Also, if you wish to hire us to represent you in a truck accident personal injury case or to advise you regarding your next move after having been denied the right compensation after a truck or a car wreck, you’ll be pleased to know that our experts are up to speed with the most recent information regarding the law and court procedures associated with these types of cases.

We have been successfully representing clients not only in Texas, but throughout the entire country, and you will find our staff to be as friendly as it is experienced, with all our attorneys dedicated to providing assistance and close support to our company’s clients.

In case you or anyone among your friends or loved ones have been involved in a car crash or a trucking accident, please do not hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Time is the essence, and having a team of experienced attorneys and law experts at your side will be the first step towards obtaining the legal results you are looking for when it comes to such cases.