Been in An Accident

After an accident, it is not always easy to remember exactly what you need to do. There are essential steps that you will need to take to file your insurance claim or when seeking a personal injury lawyer.

The most important things to remember after an accident:

Call the Police
This will ensure that there is a Police report on file for the crash and it will help to ensure what happened in the accident

See a Doctor
Even if you feel alright, there may be injuries that you are unable to notice right away. Seeing a doctor after the accident will help to note the progression of an injury after it occurs or indicates new undetected damage from the crash when it starts. Most injuries are not noticeable to you until 12 to 24 hours after the accident.

Write it Down
You need to gather all the information possible; it may be relevant to your future case or an insurance claim. You need to get the information of the other party, their name, phone number, addresses, and insurance information are available. You will also want to give them your information for their records. If there is any witness to the accident, besides the parties involved, you may also want to get their information; it could be helpful later. Likewise, record anything you can recall about the mishap, things that happened previously or after, what was happening, or anything you think would be useful.

Consult with a Lawyer
Even though you may want the whole accident to be behind you, it is better for you to contact a personal injury lawyer sooner than later. You may think you can handle the negotiation alone, but the trucking company will often have a very talented group of specialists and legal counselors to help them en route.