Truck Driver Fatigue And Hours of Work Lawyers

Truck drivers are limited to driving a certain number of hours each day. Sometimes drivers drive their trucks further and longer than they should. In other situations, their employers may push drivers to meet unrealistic deadlines or to press for excessive periods of time. This effectively puts the driver and others on the road in an unsafe position.

We represent individuals and truck drivers who have been injured due to another truck driver’s negligence in the southern Ontario area. Our lawyers for accidents caused by truck driver fatigue are committed to providing high-quality services for clients. We will work to get the most extreme measure of remuneration and mishap benefits for your sake.

Fatigue and Truck Collisions
Recent legislation passed that restricts truck drivers to work no more than 13 hours in a single day, with at least 10 hours off duty. Surpassing these limitations is a breach of legislation, and can cause the following types of accidents:

Head-on collisions
Multi-vehicle accidents
Fatal trucking collisions

Why It Is Necessary to Work With a Lawyer

Trucking collisions can be very complicated, mainly if multiple parties can be held liable for the accident. It is essential to work with a lawyer who understands the legal issues involved and how to create an effective legal strategy that supports your interests.

We take a thorough approach to gather information. We examine policy manuals of the trucking company and look at the driver’s qualifications, and we discuss work and travel logs. Our lawyers have obtained many successful judgments and settlements on behalf of clients. We have also represented truckers who have been injured due to the negligence of other drivers. We will work to get the most extreme measure of pay and mischance benefits for your sake.

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